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Cycling the Big Easy- Part 2

I recently returned from a business trip down to New Orleans. In my post last year about Cycling the Big Easy,  I was able to get around and enjoy pretty much good weather. However, this year was different. Although I rode from my hotel to the training and back,  the weather was not cooperative and rained every day at any time of day. I was able to get outside one evening and ride the Mississippi River Trail at Algiers point but did not risk crossing the river to the Canal Street Landing on the ferry. There were difficulties with the pumping stations in New Orleans and widespread flooding was occurring in all the low lying areas. Fortunately Algiers Point is a natural high spot in the city and only needed to deal with minor local flooding that drained relatively quickly.


Olivia at the Gretna Ferry Landing. The sun briefly poked through the clouds before sunset.

I took my ride during the brief window of decent weather I rode all the way to the Gretna Ferry Landing and got back to my hotel room before the storms came back around, for a total of 11 miles.


A selfie at the Gretna Ferry Landing. The City sky line and river is seen in the background.

I also videoed part of the ride on the Mississippi River Trail. See this video at,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=uitv7bohQ0I .


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