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Adventures on a Folding Bike

Tropical Cycling- Part 2, Fort Walton Beach

I recently took a business trip to Fort Walton Beach, FL for training.  Although each day was long and busy,  I did take the time to ride my bike on the many cycle paths in the area.  Since I flew there, I took my travel bike, “Olivia”.  I was able to get the fully loaded box I use to pack her down to 48 pounds (including “Olivia”,  kit,  the box,  and packing material),  which seems to make the airlines happy,  since they didn’t charge me extra fees beyond the usual baggage charges.


On a cycle path in a park very near my hotel room.

Since the temperatures during the day were around 90 degrees (F) and about 60% humidity (Heat index above 100 degrees), I usually waited until the evening to ride. Not only did the temperature drop, the breeze was much cooler as I rode.


The grin on my face was a combination of the sheer joy of being outside riding my bike and concentrating on centering the shot with my cell phone.  Middle school pictures, anyone?

I made a video while riding through the park. Click here to view.  I made another short video near the woods along the path. Click here to watch.


The cycle path was next to woods and a slough in the background which leads out to Choctawhatchee Bay.


Riding in the evening not only allowed for much cooler temperatures, it also offered spectacular sunsets that only Florida’s gulf coast have.


On my way back to my room after getting some dinner, I witnessed this typical Florida sunset with flamingo-pink highlights.

On the final full day there, we spent the evening visiting the barrier islands on the Gulf of Mexico. We spent some time at the beach on Holiday Isle. It was very nice  walking along the boardwalk in the sand dunes on the gulf and just enjoying the breeze.


On the boardwalk among the dunes on Holiday Isle on the Gulf of Mexico.


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