On The Road With "Olivia"

Adventures on a Folding Bike

“Silver” in the Sierras

One of the reasons why I decided to purchase “Silver“, my folding e-bike from Citizen Bikes, was to be able to deal with the steep inclines in the area at work.  I weigh 130 pounds and the bike weighs about 50 pounds. The 250 watt motor carries me up the inclines without difficulty. The 36V 8.8 AH battery provides a range of about 30+ miles depending on the pedal assist level.

In addition to going from meeting to meeting and from place to place, I also like to ride during a break just for exercise. I have done so for the past couple of weeks and took some fantastic photos. Here are just a couple of those photos.


Shot from the Wolf Creek Bridge


A beautiful view of the trees and the mountains in the distance. This is at the 7,000 ft mark.

I alternated between pedal assist levels 1 through 5 during the climb up to 7,000 ft. and I wasn’t so winded that I couldn’t enjoy the ride. The challenge was when I was going back down the mountain, I reached a speed of 25 mph! Thrilling but a little scary as well!


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