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Adventures on a Folding Bike

Hi-yo Silver!

After several months of looking at the Citizen Bikes website, I was able to convince my dear wife that I needed a “Frisco” e-bike! I ordered it last week and it arrived a few days ago. I also ordered a rear rack and USB chargeable front and rear light set. Due to all the silver colored parts on this bike, I’ve named her “Silver”.


The box was delivered to our front door containing the e-bike.


After opening the box, the storage bag was on top and the well packed bike underneath.


The e-bike after pulling it from the box. You can see how well it was cushioned for it’s cross country trip. It took a while to remove all the packing material. Okay with me!


After re-positioning the steering column, I was preparing to insert the handlebar. The triangular shaped rubber cover is for access to the battery switch, USB and charging ports. Also a clear view of the recently available rear rack designed specifically for the Frisco.


Fully assembled and ready to be ridden. The wheels and fenders have reflective stripes picked up really well by the flash from my phone camera. A very visible feature.


The electric controls. The center button is for on and off. The up arrow increases the pedal assist level.  0 for no assist up to 5 for maximum. It also lists speed, mileage, timer, and battery level. There is also a throttle to the left for quick acceleration and setting cruise control. Very handy if one needs to get out of a bad situation.


The right handle shows the ergonomic grips and has the gear shifter, bell and cell phone holder. Also, since there was no place for a water bottle cage, I purchased a Velcro strap mounted one on the left side and mounted it on the steering column.


A view of the entire handlebar set up. With the mirror, throttle, controller, front basket, cell phone holder, bell, brake handles, and shifter. This is the big disadvantage to this design in that it gets very crowded, very quickly.


This photo shows the pedal cadence sensor. I have to pedal first before the assist will kick in. Also, a view of the stand mounted under the cranks for when the bike is folded to protect the front chain ring from getting damaged .


A nice view of the 250 watt rear hub motor along with the 7 speed cassette and derailleur.


The folding basket on the front and the rear rack bag for hauling stuff around as needed.

In order to make the pedal assist to start, I have to pedal first. Afterwards, the 250 watt hub motor kicks in. If I stop pedaling, the motor will cut off. Also, if placed in cruise mode, the brake levers have an auto cut off switch if used. An excellent safety feature.

I’ve had the chance to test Silver out on the hills at work, which is the whole reason for me to get an e-bike. Although I was successful peddling up the hills with “Olivia”, my heart always felt like it was about to pound out of my chest! I can now set pedal assist at 3 or 4, depending on the grade, and make it up the hill without fearing a heart attack.


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