On The Road With "Olivia"

Adventures on a Folding Bike

Wheel Replacement

A few weeks ago, I discovered “Olivia’s” rear wheel was “out of true” and was rubbing against the brake pads on one side. However, after further inspection, I found that two spokes were broken. Although I’m still not sure how that happened.

I contacted Citizen Bikes and asked what replacement spokes they recommended. They replied that it would be easier to simply replace the wheel for only $36. Considering that I wouldn’t have even half the work, I said, “Sold!” and ordered it.

I recently received the replacement wheel and went to work. The first step was to spray down the chain, chain ring, cassette, and derailleur with a degreaser. I used a old tooth brush to get into all the nooks and crannies until I was satisfied all the components were clean and rinsed them off with water. After drying them all off. I was able to start the wheel replacement task.


I first removed the derailleur and the chain.


After removing the wheel, I took the tire and tube off the old wheel  and put them on the new wheel. You can see the tire levers I used to do the job.


After pumping the tire up to the proper pressure, I installed the new wheel. I then reinstalled the derailleur and chain. Adjusting the various components followed.

After completing the task of replacing the wheel. I spent some time adjusting the derailleur and back brakes. Then I lubricated the chain and derailleur with a dry lube I wrote about earlier. After getting all this done, Olivia is back up and running beautifully.


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