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Heavy Snow… And Then A Break… For Now.

It has been about a month since I was able to ride on my olive green folding bike, “Olivia”. The snows and winds have been brutal and mostly I have been occupied with shoveling all the white stuff and not really able to do much else. So most of that time it was a “no-go” as far as cycling is concerned.


The snow was about four feet deep with drifts as deep as five feet.

The main problem is that after we shoveled all the snow out of the way of our  entry doors, the snow slabs from the roof would slide off and re-bury what we just shoveled! It was exhausting!

However, today, we got a break in the weather. We are now having a weather system called an “atmospheric river” bringing in tropical moisture from Hawaii (also known as a “pineapple express”). This elevated the snow level up to about 8,000 feet and brought rain that melted much of what was left after much shoveling, snow blowing, etc.


After a few days of milder temperatures and steady rain, much of the snow melted. The roads are clear and the rain isn’t too bad.  But the snow is expected to return.

So I got a chance to ride “Olivia” today and it was glorious. I just put on my rain suit and started pedaling!

I expect to be able to ride for the next few days before the weather pattern changes yet again and we can expect more snow. I’ll then break out my skis and enjoy the snow!


2 comments on “Heavy Snow… And Then A Break… For Now.

  1. Luanne
    February 8, 2017

    You get to have so much fun!
    Want to have a take your kids to work day?


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