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Cycling the San Diego River Trail

After cycling the San Luis Rey River Trail, I decided I wanted to cycle the San Diego River Trail as well. I started the ride at Sefton Park in Mission Valley to Ocean Beach. Shortly after starting my ride, it began to rain. I was feeling very “Dutchy”riding in the wind and rain. However, in spite of the full rain suit I was wearing, there were some moments I wished that I had taken one step further and used an umbrella!


While waiting out the rain for a few minutes under a trolley overpass on the trail.


The trail has lots of signs along the way to ensure one doesn’t get lost.

By the time I got to “Dog Beach” at the Ocean Beach end, the rain was finally starting slow down. There I found some clever bike racks shaped liked bicycles.


The Ocean Beach end next to “Dog Beach” I found these clever bike racks to lean Olivia against.

It was good thing I put on my new mud flaps. The spray from the rain created quite a mess and the flaps kept it under control.


The trail near Ocean Beach just past the bridge to Mission Bay.


Every once in a while, the clouds parted and allowed the sun to come through and create a beautiful rainbow.

Despite the wind and rain, it was a great experience to ride the San Diego River Trail. Next time, I’ll make sure to cycle it again…  in the spring or summer time when the rainy season is over!


Despite the Mona Lisa-like smile on my face, I was damp down to my socks! I need either a better rain suit or an umbrella!


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