On The Road With "Olivia"

Adventures on a Folding Bike

New Mud Flaps

Last year I wrote about making my own milk jug mud flaps for “Olivia”. They worked well and I was happy with how they turned out.


The front mud flap manufactured using a half gallon milk jug.


The rear mud flap I made for “social” reasons; so I wouldn’t spray all over someone that may be following behind me. Notice it is bent caused by dragging on the ground while rolling the folded bike.

However, over time, the plastic bent and broke and the mud flaps developed holes. Obviously a hole in your mud flaps makes them less effective.


This shot shows how the mud flap would get bent after folding and stowing “Olivia”.


The milk jug mud flap bent and broken. You easily see the hole.

I then decided to purchase mud flaps that are designed to fit on the Brompton folding bike so when I fold and stow my bike, they won’t bend or break.  However, since the Brompton fenders are more square and the Citizen fenders are more round, I needed to trim and alter the mud flaps to fit properly and not drag against the tire. Very easy to do with a sharp knife.


Here “Olivia” is kitted out with the Brompton mud flaps.

“Olivia” is now ready for the wet winter weather and will be easier to keep clean. Here’s to lots of rain and snow!


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