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World War II American Bicycles

I stumbled onto a fascinating website earlier this week. It is a Belgian website called, The Liberator (click on the link to go to the website). It was started to show all the American bicycles that were used during the war both stateside and overseas.


Here a young American Army Lieutenant riding his bike around his base. Like my daily cycle riding, he was going from place to place and from meeting to meeting. In his case, they were trying to save , gasoline, oil, and rubber whenever they could.

The army was trying to show the public that they were conserving gasoline, oil, and rubber by forgoing driving cars as much as possible. So military bicycle models were purchased and distributed to army bases and airfields for transportation both stateside and overseas.

I use my bike, “Olivia”for similar purposes of getting around at work. I ride a van pool everyday and then use my bike to get around to all the places at work I need to go.

Check out this interesting website and learn how cycling helped win a war!


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