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Cycling in the Big Easy

I just returned from a business trip to New Orleans. Because I hate driving there, I decided to bring “Olivia” with me to get around. Also, I stayed on the west bank since both my hotel and meeting location were in Algiers. This was very convenient since I could get to my meetings and back to my hotel within 10 minutes each way. However, I did want to get out and explore the east bank and the French Quarter as well. So I rode from my hotel along a new cycle path they built on top of a levee to the Algiers Point-Canal Street ferry landing. The ferries in New Orleans serve an important role in the lives of the people who don’t own cars and those that just want a more intimate experience with the river than simply crossing it by bridge will give you.


New cycle path along the west bank of the Mississippi River. Looking at downtown New Orleans in the distance.

Riding along the path, there were several people out enjoying their walk or cycling activity. It was just two miles to get to the ferry landing to cross the river to Canal Street.


The Algiers Point-Canal Street ferry landing.


The view while waiting for the ferry to cross back over to the west bank.


This ferry is the smaller sized one that carries only passengers, scooters, and cyclists. The larger ferry at the Lower Algiers-Chalmette landing carries cars as well.

Two dollars each way will get you back and forth as needed. The ride is about 10 minutes each.


“Olivia” neatly folded while riding the ferry across the river.


The view outside the window waiting for the ferry to cast off and depart. Full sized bikes can be parked here while being ferried across the river.

When I got to the Canal Street landing, I had access to three street car lines and the French Quarter. Multi-modal transportation at its best!

Later in the week, I decided to ride five miles each way along the Mississippi River Trail. I was feeling very “Dutchy” with all the other cyclists on the trail with me (except for the 90 degree (f) temperature with 90 percent humidity!) I was able to pedal under the Crescent City Connection bridges and see another view of the river most visitors don’t get to see.


The bike trail under the Crescent City Connection bridges.

While on my way back to my hotel room, I ran into a couple of young girls on the trail, one pushing her bike. She asked, “Can you help us? I have a flat tire”. Fortunately I had my portable tire pump with me and was able to get them back on their way in short order. Typical of the biking community wherever you go; always willing to help when needed.

I will write more about my upcoming adventures in the future. I have three more business trips soon.


5 comments on “Cycling in the Big Easy

  1. Luanne
    August 22, 2016

    Now I understand what you mean by a trail over the top of a levy. Pretty cool!


    • Doug T.
      August 24, 2016

      The community was able to use this otherwise vacant space for a positive change. The people of the area took full advantage of this great infrastructure.


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