On The Road With "Olivia"

Adventures on a Folding Bike

Light Options

When I first received my bike, I had ordered a light set that attached to the handle bars and seat post. It worked well.


But then I added a front basket and it mostly interfered with the front light.


The front basket and the light hanging from my handle bars. I could make it work. Unless of course what I was carrying in the basket was too large and interfered with it.

In order to make the white front light more visible and much more useful, I ordered a light that is mounted using the front fender mounting hardware. It is strong and keeps the light free from interference.


White front light mounted using the front fender hardware. You can also see the new carrier bag I recently purchased from the Citizen Bike website.

Also, I sometimes would carry things on my carrier rack (like a carrier bag or backpack) and the light on the seat post could be interfered with as well. So I added a red tail light to the rack to make it visible no matter what I may be carrying.


The new red tail light so that it can be seen no matter what I might be carrying. Also a back view of the new carrier rack bag. It adds greater visibility with the reflective stripes.

These two light were very affordable from my favorite big box store website. Very convenient and since they use bright LEDs, they will last a long time and are very visible when needed.



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