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Chain Maintenance

I wrote earlier this past winter regarding using a wet weather lube for the chain on my Citizen Bike, “Olivia”.  It is great for when it’s raining, crossing streams, or going through snow/slush and it worked well for me for about 6 months. However, now the weather is dry and dusty. The chain had been collecting a lot of dirt and grit and was an awful mess.

I recently purchased a Chain Cleaning Kit and Dry Lube from our local big box store.


Chain cleaning kit and dry lube.

(The above links have associated videos that show you how to use them). The chain cleaning kit took quite a bit longer than the 30 seconds stated in the instructions. So I recommend that you just keep at it until you are satisfied the chain is clean. The dry lube instructions say to shake vigorously to mix it all up. The lube appeared to be separated so I gave it a really good and thorough shake to re-mix the ingredients. It was easy to apply and works well to quiet the chatter of the chain links going over the sprockets.

The dry lube says that it is self-cleaning and the way they say it works is that as the dirt and dust collect on the chain, it just flakes off and the road debris is gone. Of course there is a “price” to pay for that self-cleaning action; you need to re-apply every 50-75 miles or when the chain gets wet.

At this time. I’m okay with that. I will probably switch back to the wet weather lube when it’s autumn/winter again. As I said in the earlier post, I’m not paid to endorse these products, but I do recommend them.


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