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Carrying Stuff

I have written about carrying stuff in previous posts. First I used a saddlebag to be able to carry things “just in case”. Then when I needed more carrying capacity, I bought and installed a folding basket to haul more stuff. And finally, I wrote about bringing water with me using a bracket,lexan water bottle, and rubber strap combination (click on the highlighted links for more content and videos).


Olivia with front basket, saddlebag, rear rack, water bottle, rack and rubber strap carrying all my stuff

However, I have been investigating the possibilities of carrying amazing loads on bicycles. Laura Lukitch shot a video of her friends and acquaintances carry loads, large and small, on their bikes. In the video, they showed a Burley Travoy  that is able to haul a substantial load and can be folded up and stored out of the way when no longer needed.


A scene from Urban Biking: The Art of Carrying Things by Bike

Dottie from Lets Go Ride a Bike , as well as Russ and Laura from Path Less Pedaled reviewed this trailer. Unfortunately, this style of trailer is good for full sized bikes only. Also, if you are a more diminutive rider, this may not work since one needs to have enough seat post available to hook up the hardware for the trailer.

However,  in this video, CJ Hoyle demonstrates a trailer that can be used on almost any style or sized of bike. The attaching hardware just needs to be positioned in such a way as to make the trailer level.


A scene from CJ Hoyle’s video of his trailer.

This is the trailer I intend to get at some point in the future. It should work for my full sized bike as well as, I expect,  on Olivia. The trailer has 16″ wheels and Olivia has 16″ wheels. We shall see.


2 comments on “Carrying Stuff

  1. Luanne
    May 31, 2016

    Olivia looks so small in the first picture. I like baskets in the front, but not in the back, however the trailer looks interesting.


    • Doug T.
      June 4, 2016

      In addition to a front basket, folding baskets hanging on the rear rack are a practical solution for carrying stuff. And when you no longer need them, simply fold them up out of the way.


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