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Ik Hou Van Mijn Fiets

In Dutch, they say, “Ik hou van mijn fiets” for “I love my bike” (click on the highlighted Dutch phrase for a fun video made by an ex pat American living and going to school in the Netherlands). And this certainly applies to my wife and her “Oma” (Grandma) Dutch bike. We have had it since August 7th of 2015 and have made many improvements to meet my wife’s needs. I purchased a front basket so that she can carry her stuff as needed; to which she put a beautiful arrangement of flowers.


Mama’s basket with her beautiful arrangement of flowers.

I also purchased a trainer so that when inclement weather rolled around during the winter, she could continue to get her exercise. I set it up so that she could watch cycling videos while training. But she preferred to read a book instead.


The trainer set up works great. It allows my wife to get an excellent workout no matter the weather. She rode this all winter long.

For Christmas, one of the things I bought for her, was nice comfy gel padded seat with a cut out to allow her to sit more comfortably. We played with the height and pitch to make it the best for her as possible. Although I had to keep reminding her she was sitting on a bicycle seat and not a lounger.


In addition to the comfy seat, I also got her a drink holder so she would have water with her when she needed it. Always comes in handy!

In March, she tried riding the bike in an empty parking lot near our home. She was actually quite successful in pedaling the bike. However, she was so nervous about falling that she was completely spent. The whole reason for getting her a bike was to help her regain her strength following double hip replacement surgeries. So falling is simply not an option. So I went back to the internet and did some research on adult stabilizers. I found these made by Bike USA and sold by Sports Unlimited for $154.00. It is very strong and is rated for holding 500 pounds.


The Oma Fiets with the stabilizers to help my wife to balance and ensure that she doesn’t fall over. This is critical since she had both hips replaced and is still getting her strength back; the whole reason for getting the bike after all. Also notice the replaced grips.

For her recent birthday, I gave her some nice safety and fun items to round out the bike setup.


She now has a small “Saddlebag” on her handlebars to hold her wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. so she doesn’t have to carry a purse. I installed a mirror so she is able to monitor traffic behind her. Also, a look at her water bottle, and another good view of her comfy hand grips.


I replaced the stock reflector with a reflector/tail light combination for if she rides her bike during darkness or inclement weather. Also, the personalized plate was just for fun. Notice the smiley sun, hearts, and lady bugs she added!


This t-shirt says in Latin, “I came. I saw. I biked”


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