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Hydrate or Die

When I first got Olivia last summer, I started using an old military-style plastic canteen. While useful for carrying a good amount of water, I really had no good way to carry it on the bike. I would usually put it on the rear rack at an angle and place the spring clamp on top. This would usually hold it in place well enough. But there had been a few times when I was going too fast and turning too sharply that the canteen would slip out and go skidding across the road. Fortunately it never broke and I was always able to recover the canteen.


The canteen held in place at a precarious angle on the rear rack using the spring clamp. Certainly not  the best solution to the problem. But it worked well enough.

I kept trying to come up with a better solution. Then, I was shopping in our local big box store and saw a bicycle water bottle holder they were selling for just a few dollars.


Because I needed more space between the holder and the stem, I put the rear bolt through the front hole. I then could use the front bolt to capture the nose of the holder fairly snug. So far so good.

I matched it with a lexan water bottle and voila! A perfect match.


The bottle and holder and strap. The combination works well.

After matching the holder with the water bottle, due to it’s length, I needed to stabilize the top of the bottle to the frame of the bike to ensure it stayed with me. So I purchased a rubber strap to secure it firmly. I like the bottle since it holds 24 ounces and has a push button to open the top allowing me to draw water up through the straw while pedaling.  Very convenient and it works very well.


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