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A Tisket, A Tasket….

One of the purposes of Olivia is to get from place to place and go from meeting to meeting. I have used the one “saddle bag” I have on the rear rack to carry items. This bag is the right size to fit on Olivia due to the small 16 inch wheels so that it won’t drag on the ground or get caught in the spokes. However, it isn’t really large enough to hold files or larger packages easily. I’ve made do up ’till now. But have found it doesn’t work as well as I had hoped.

I had considered getting a trunk bag to fit on top of the rear rack. But instead, I decided a simple basket would do the trick. So I went to the Citizen Bike website and ordered a folding basket to fit to Olivia. This is a practical solution to a common problem for most utility cyclists; how to carry all one’s stuff wherever you need to go. Russ and Laura from Path Less Pedaled  posted on their blog about how they adopted using baskets for their touring bikes.

I ordered the basket last Thursday and it was delivered today. I brought Olivia home from work to install it (I needed to relocate the portable tire pump from the handle bar to the left hand side of the rear rack).


The portable tire pump was relocated  using zip ties to secure it to the left side of the rear rack. So far it’s been very secure.

The basket should hold most items I need to take with me as I pedal around at work….


The basket installed on Olivia

It fits well and folds nicely out of the way when folding the bike to be put away….


The basket in the folded position.


The basket with the bungee cargo net to hold items in the basket. I used a couple of zip ties to hold the net to the bottom of the basket so that it is always there when needed.


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