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Flat Tire Repair Dutch Style

When I was a kid and trying to repair a flat tire, I struggled mightily to get the back tire off by removing the chain from the sprocket, loosening the nuts, and then trying to remove the wheel. Then I had to remove the tire from the rim, get the tube out, and put it in a tub of water to find the hole.  All while trying to remember how it all lined up so I could put it back together.  And of course the patch either didn’t hold or I missed another hole and I had to do it all over again (Grrrr!)

Here is  a link (click on the highlighted words) for the method made famous by the Dutch .  This comes from Bicycle Dutch, one of my favorite bicycle blogs, that eliminates over half of those operations: read the description and watch the  attached video. Be prepared to be amazed….

This other video comes from the Path Less Pedaled blog (another of my favorite bicycle blogs) where Russ is wrestling to repair a flat on his folding bike.  His victory was hard fought and well deserved!

Bicycledutch Tire Repair





2 comments on “Flat Tire Repair Dutch Style

  1. Luanne
    March 17, 2016

    So much easier. Wish the Dutch would teach us their secrets.


  2. Doug T.
    March 18, 2016

    They just did… 8^)


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