On The Road With "Olivia"

Adventures on a Folding Bike

Wet Weather Lubricant

At this time of year, between the snow melt and occasional rain, Olivia’s chain is exposed to wet conditions that creates the potential for rust and extra wear. I went to the bicycle section of our local big box store and found “Wet Ride” from White Lightning.


Wet Ride extreme conditions heavy lube from White Lightning

The great thing about this lube is that it is meant for wet conditions and will stay put even if riding in heavy rain or going through streams. Additionally, I immediately noticed that it quieted the “chatter” of the chain and the gears to almost silent. I’m not paid to endorse this product but I do recommend it. Check it out at, http://www.whitelightningco.com . They have a video on their website that tells you how to use it.


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