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Monthly Archives: October, 2015

View of the Snow in the Eastern Sierra by Helicopter

Here is a wonderful view of the snow in the eastern sierra by helicopter. They are starting at Mammoth airport, flying past the caldera, and rising up to Mammoth Mountain … Continue reading

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Just in case…

I have a small “saddle bag” hanging from the right side of Olivia’s rear rack. It is an old (70s-80s) Swiss military gas mask bag that came without a shoulder … Continue reading

October 10, 2015 · 2 Comments

Derailleur Vulnerability?

OneĀ  design feature of Olivia that I have been looking at has me thinking. Because of the small 16″ wheels on the bike, the derailleur is much closer to the … Continue reading

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After More Than a Month with “Olivia”….

Today I looked at the calendar and realized that I have had “Olivia” for over a month and how much for the better I am. First off, I get to … Continue reading

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring….

Today the rain arrived and gave us a good downpour. It was a good thing that I decided to put on my rain suit and rain cover for my helmet. … Continue reading

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