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The Weather: It’s A-Changin’

This morning I went to work and saw the weather in the Eastern Sierras have changed from summer to fall-like weather. Multiple storm fronts passed through the area, giving some much needed relief for the fires. The air is clear and the temperature has dropped. In addition to the rain in the valleys, the snow line was at about 8,000 feet this morning.

Since we are just days away from the start of autumn, it got me thinking about my commitment to continue riding through the autumn and winter. However, I was also thinking of weighing the risks versus the benefits; when does it become so dangerous that it is too unsafe to ride? Here are some answers that I’ve put together so far:

  1. Is it 0 degrees (F) or above? OK.
  2. Are the roads clear (No ice)? OK
  3.  No slush or accumulated snow? OK
  4.  The rain is not freezing or accumulating on hard surfaces? OK
  5.  The wind isn’t a “Washoe Zephyr” (50-100 mph)? OK

So long as all the above conditions are met, I commit to pedal “Olivia” as often as I can. If one or more are not met, I’ll just save it for another day! Let me know in the comments section, what are your “no-go” conditions?

Enjoy the photo!

This photo was taken this afternoon after it cleared up a bit. We are hoping for more moisture this evening.

This photo was taken this afternoon after it cleared up a bit. We are hoping for more moisture this evening.


3 comments on “The Weather: It’s A-Changin’

  1. Luanne
    September 18, 2015

    Can I pedal up the hills? No? NO GO!!
    One day I expect to be able to actually pedal to the minimart AND back. I am pretty sure I could get there now, but its all downhill or flat on the way there. Getting back is the problem.


    • Doug T.
      September 19, 2015

      It is a long incline up that hill from the mini-mart. Building up to the task is the way to go. We can work on it. 8^)


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